Who we are

We provide ready to use solutions for online businesses that help them focus on their customers.

Our R&D team uses the best industry standards to produce secure and easily maintainable products.

We offer software solutions for 10-20 times less, so businesses can spend more on user acquisition, marketing, and growth.

Our Benefits


Save time and money. Get your software up and running in 1-7 days, depending on required customizations.

High Quality

We use well written and tested software that meets the needs of whatever industry you are in.

Multi Platform

Get everything you need all in one place. Whether its, website, mobile apps or dashboards, we’re here to help!

User-Friendly Design

Our user interface and user experience design is well thought out and always keeps your customers in mind.

Best Practices

We provide software using the latest technology and best practices that can be easily maintained and modified.


The software we offer can be hosted on either our secure server of one of your own.

The Gear

Ultimate software for auto dealerships and online marketplaces. Features incl. mobile app, advanced search, paid positions and responsive website. Capacity: 100k+ cars.


Online marketplace to find and hire freelancers. Features incl. website, mobile apps for users and providers and admin dashboard, calendar bookings, custom pricing, ratings, messaging, admin reports and notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have 2 months of free support + several paid support packages

Yes, the code is well written and any developer with base knowledge can modify it

Yes, the core development team can make changes

Back-end/API - Python, Django, Postgres

Front-end - HTML5/Angular.js

iOS apps - Objective C/Swift

Android apps - Kotlin

Via wire transfer in USD to our company account

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We do everything to help you with your business. Our team offers both software, hosting servers, and assistance in transferring to your own server. We provide software that is ready to use that has different tiers of customization. Schedule a free demo to see how everything works!

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