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Responsiveness that drives actions!

DealerBoost ensures consistent car buying experience on every device. Whether it’s mobile, tablet or web, the software is 100% responsive, customized and tested from head to toe.

DealerBoost’s brilliant team created a mobile in mind and user-friendly design so that your customers enjoy every process of your dealership’s digital storefront!


Text like never before!
Sell like never before!

Your communication skills are the backbone of your dealership business! To make them shine on the digital world and drive as many leads as possible Dealerboost connects you and your customers in real-time interaction. Start your communication through emails or text messages, share car multimedia files through them, track emails and customer activity, make appointments and test-drive plans!


Provide MORE with all in one dealer dashboard

It all starts with a great dashboard…

Here you have the opportunity

– to keep in track of all your inventory

– create announcements

– efficiently manage the storefront!

– You can work with the collected data of announcements and clients in one handy place.

Guaranteed success with
inventory management like never toolkit!

About half of the car purchasing decisions are made online that’s why DealerBoosts gives an extensive toolset to help you convert and retain leads! Add detailed vehicle highlights & description, set prices, calculate monthly payments and loans, add unlimited photo & video content, including 360 interior or exterior videos. This inventory management feature allows you and the user to easily navigate, look through the vehicles and engage with them.

Mobile app era is yours!

Are you solving bigger problems? So does DealerBoost by offering a customized mobile application for your dealership that is powered by the most innovative solutions. This feature ensures that all functionalities available on the website are fully operational on the mobile app. We deliver fast, reliable and industry-leading mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms.

Technical Support as inside of your team! We care about your business, we care about your clients!

DealerBoost technical team plays on your side! We value our customers and offer technical support throughout all stages. Before purchase our team will be in constant communication through emails or phone calls when working with the software you can leave a message on a live chat and our team will get back to you with all the answers and help!


Powerful search for easy navigation! Type, Search, Repeat!

DealerBoost made the search process of vehicles lightning fast! Our powerful filters made it more intuitive than ever. Our advanced search lets users narrow their search based on specific marques, year, new/used and other parameters. As our website’s multilingual the searching process is equally powerful in any language version of the website.

Outcome-oriented marketing to WIN! Make confident decisions with us!

Generating sales is in our genes, so no more losing time or money! A full cycle marketing team that bases every step on here and now data which turns your marketing strategy to a far-reaching machine. Full SEO services, email marketing, content creation, auto-posting solutions and more! Maximize your traffic, generate leads, improve your business visibility on search engines with us.

Fast on Mobile, Web and Tablet like Speeding Leopard ! Supports all vehicles:

Over 50 Integrations

Get more from your website by incorporating DealerBoost’s 50+ integrations to track, perform and grow in the automotive industry!


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