Gear – Vehicle marketplace made easy

Gear – Vehicle marketplace made easy

If you are looking to create an online vehicle marketplace, Gear is just the product you need to help you get set up. Gear is that product that specializes in building mobile apps for buying and selling cars. The brief article below gives you an idea of what Gear is, how it can be used and if the platform is the appropriate solution for you.


What is Gear for? 

In a nutshell, Gear is a platform for entrepreneurs, brands and companies looking to establish an online vehicle platform. This can be either an website that is mainly desktop-based or a mobile app with any number of advanced features.

Gear can help you set up a fully functioning responsive website complete with advanced search, makes, models and generations, drive train, transmission and everything else your users would need when searching for a vehicle. Alternatively, you may choose to design a quick and stable native mobile app.

This option can offer your users fast and reliable searches specifically catered for mobile devices on both iOS and Android. The team at Gear will work with you to make sure all functionalities that are typically available on the website version are also operational on mobile apps.

So if buying and selling cars is your field of business, Gear can definitely do a lot for you. 

Who is Gear for?

There are two main groups of people who will find Gear useful:

  1. Entrepreneurs who want to launch an online business of buying and selling cars or people who have a website and are looking to upgrade or add a mobile app as part of their business model.
  2. Car dealerships, because the product is a perfect fit for them and will be very helpful to demonstrate their inventory in a beautiful and SEO friendly way. This will, of course, increase their sales, especially nowadays when everyone is looking for a car online rather by visiting dealers.

I already have an operational website. What can Gear offer me? 

If you’re already in the business of buying and selling cars online, there’s still a great deal Gear can do for you in terms of upgrades and optimization. As a service sector, it’s important to keep the user-experience in mind at all times and making sure your website functionality is as current and convenient as possible.

Statistics also show that today approximately 80% of car buying journeys start from mobile devices, so making sure your website is mobile-friendly is also very important. Gear will also work to ensure that the site is easy to manage, maintain and meets all necessary SEO requirements so your site will be easily searchable by potential customers.

What’s next for Gear?

Based on our customers’ feedback the team at Gear is working to develop CRM integration as well as integration with other websites (Copart, Cars.com). This will increase the platform’s flexibility and ensure that mobile apps and websites designed by Gear can easily partner with similar products. This will eliminate unnecessary hassle for users and offer a more seamless transition between platforms so everyone can find the car that’s right for them.

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