Why Choose Ready to Use Software Over Cheap Scripts

Why Choose Ready to Use Software Over Cheap Scripts

When launching an application, whether mobile or web, ready to use software can come in more handy than you think. In order to get a product launched on time, the development solutions you choose must be both efficient and flexible. In this sense, your first instinct might be to go to the cheapest solution possible. But if we take a closer look, the cheapest options often end up costing you more.

Any software you find ranging from $50-300 is considered a cheap solution. This is honestly a case where if something is too good to be true, it probably is. This price range is an indicator that the software will be full of problems and will need to be worked on a lot before it can be applicable to your project. Moreover, the price point indicates that the technology stack used to build the software is unreliable. As a result, the money you save upon purchasing the software will be spent on bug-fixing and tedious alterations. 

The best way to avoid these headaches and mishaps is to choose software that is both reliable and affordable. Ready to use the software is the golden middle. Here is a quick breakdown of why:

1. Quality Control

From a practical standpoint, ready to use software tends to give you the quality you are looking for. This is in the interest of both software development companies and entrepreneurs who purchase their products. The glitches and bugs associated with cheaper solutions have already been resolved in ready to use options, making them a good choice for your product. As opposed to $50 script options, here you can guarantee the quality of code. Ready to use software also serves as a middle ground in terms of pricing between cheap scripts and bespoke software that could run you $40,000-$80,000. 

2. Scalability

Though your project may start out small, there are always plans to expand. When you make the decision to scale your product it’s important to have a software solution that can grow with you. Otherwise, you would have to overhaul everything to another software platform and only then scale. This makes the product very vulnerable as it leaves it open to bugs, malfunctions, and other glitches that can be felt on the user-end. As a result, you may lose a significant part of your userbase. To be safe and plan for all eventualities, ready to use software solutions have you covered. 

3. Proper technologies

Also, as a rule, ready to use software solutions use well-tested technology stacks, which is not the case with quickly written script options. This is especially important for individual entrepreneurs who may not necessarily have the tech-savvy to distinguish between stacks. Essentially you’re looking for a solution that works without getting into the details too much, which is another reason why ready-to-use software is a good option.

4. Solid Company Behind the Software

Another important point to keep in mind is that ready-made software solutions are backed by companies with years of experience. This means that they have designed solutions across a number of fields and their products have been tested by many companies and clients. Reviews and other forms of feedback can give you better insight into what you’re getting than cheap scripts.

5. Continuous updates and improvements

Finally, ready to use software solutions are equipped to help you deal with product updates and improvements. Once again, since the code quality is reliable, you’ll be able to make the adjustments you need without the hassle. This is basically the best combination of flexibility and stability you could ask for when launching your product.


If you’re in the market for software solutions, taking the time to work with a software development company and apply a ready to use solution is well worth it. You will save time, money and set yourself up for success when it comes time to scale. 

To learn how ready to use software can be applied to your project, drop us a line and we will hop on a call to discuss possible options or schedule a trial run.

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